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New Client Pricing:

3 Month Unlimited Plan $229/month
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5 sessions $155
10 sessions $300
15 sessions $435
20 sessions $560
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We design our workouts around the style that suits your style of training the best.
Personal Training​ $80 -100/hr
One-to-one personal training is highly effective if handled properly. In our 1 hour session, clients will receive expert fitness (including High Intensity (HIIT) and Boot Camp Training) and nutrition advice. Included in our private personal training package is 24 hour nutrition advice, unique training programs to meet individual needs, and access to our facilities (accompanied by your trainer during sessions). One-to-one private personal training is the single most effective way to reach your fitness goals and maintain your results over a long period of time.

Small Group Training $20-40 (60 minute sessions)
Small Group Training is a great way to enjoy fitness with friends and family, but the best part is we all become friends and family. You don’t need to set up your own group. This training option allows novice, average, or advanced level trainees to launch themselves into a very effective training program including High Intensity Training (HIIT) and Boot Camp. Small group training offers many of the same advantages as private training but not the cost, but all if not more results!! Total Results!!!

Membership Based Personal Training
TRT now offers our clients membership based personal training. It is our belief that by removing the transactional relationship between a client and trainer both parties will be able to focus 100% of their energy on getting great results for each individual client. By removing the pay per session format clients do not have to worry about paying a large sum of money every couple of months to maintain a regimented training schedule. Instead our clients will decide how many times per week they would like to train, and they will be billed a flat monthly fee accordingly. If at any point a TRT client is overpaying for their personal or small group training by not attending all of their pre purchased sessions a TRT representative will act quickly to reduce the monthly cost and session amount for that client.

Small Group Training

Fitness Advice
Total Community
Multiple time slots to select from
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Fitness Advice
Nutrition Advice
1:1 personalized attention
Training on your schedule
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Removes the pay per session fee
Fitness Advice
1:1 personalized attention
Nutrition Advice
Training on your schedule
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